SPARK Program Update

SPARK Project at the Mohill Enterprise Centre 2016

The Spark program is an iniative of Leitrim Arts Office and the Local Enterprise Office which encourages local companies to engage with local creatives in a mutually beneficial project to develop innovative artworks and ideas. This years creative is Leo Scarff who has a background in fine art, design and education. For over 20 years Leo has been working in the digital fabrication arena and in more recent years he has developed collaborative practice with Maker groups, Fablab’s and educational programs such as Harnessing Creativity, Leitrim Livecraft and Creative Frame. In the coming months Leo hopes to energise the local community in the world of digital creation through a series of demonstrations, workshops and an exhibition.
Fablab Demonstrations

In tandem with Leo’s project the MEC will hold 3 free Fablab demonstration days – two for local second level students and one for interested individuals and local business. Stuart Lawn from Fablab Manorhamilton FablabMH will give presentations on a range of technologies including 3D Printing, Laser cutting & Electronics. Leo will also present his thoughts on digital creativity and innovation. The popularity of Fablab’s in recent years is the way in which the labs provide the environment in which anyone can bring their thoughts to the table of technology and creativity and create something truly exciting in their own education or in the way they interact with other like-minded people or maybe the next smart technological gadget.

Fablab demonstrations will be held at MEC on the following dates: – Friday 5th February 10-2pm – For individuals and business. Also an MEC Open Day – Dates for Second level students T.B.C. – April/May For times and schedules for the upcoming workshops please contact John Mannion at Mohill Enterprise Centre on: 071-9632024
Program Participation

In addition to the above Leo has gathered 6 people to participate in the project directly.  The 6 participants will attend 4 day long extra workshops at the centre over the next 3 months (Feb-May 2016) with a view to developing new art, craft or design ideas and/or products using digital means. The results will be exhibited at MEC in May.

The photo shows Leo introducing the workshop concept to our 6 participants on the 26th of February at MEC

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