Function: Bookprop

Dimensions (Assembled): H288mm W290mm D172mm

Materials: Birch Plywood

Finish: Satin Acrylic Lacquer

Colour: Natural / Clear

Our bookstand is a take on the classic bookprops made for millenia to aide readers. There are many scenarios where a product like this is needed such as studying or cooking. We initially designed Bookstand for use in the kitchen as we often stand whilst preparing ingredients and having a flat cookbook close by on the table just gets in the way. The bookstand lets you incline it further away. We also love to use it to display our favourite art and design books which can be hung on the wall and moved around with ease. In todays digital age you can also plug in tablets and phones and prop them on the stand. It’s great for taking voice or video calls as the stand keeps the phone at the correct angle.
Bookstand comes flat pack with assembly as simple as slotting the two panels together and has a rail at the front to hold books open. As with all our Plywood products, Bookstand is beautifully finished with 3 coats of satin Acrylic lacquer. Unfinished wood becomes dirty and stained very quickly so correct finishing is important for us so our customers get a quality product that looks good well into the future.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 24 × 30 × 17 cm

Birch Plywood


Satin Acrylic Lacquer


Natural / Clear