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Here you’ll find our collection of furniture, lighting and accessories available to buy online. Most products are shipped flat pack with easy assembly. All proudly Designed and Made in Ireland

Elevate Computer Stand

If you work at a desk recent studies have shown you should stand at least 15 minutes

out of every hour. Our compact adjustable computer stand is designed for anyone seeking

to vary their working posture while viewing screens

Multi-hook wall mounted coathook

Railhook is a multi-hook wall mounted coatrack using the beauty and properties of Birch Plywood. It’s comes in 5 or 10 hook variations secured to the wall with screws.

Rim Tray Collection

Our ‘Rim’ collection of trays capture the beauty of Birch Plywood. They come in 3 sizes and can be hung on the wall. Perfect for carrying tea and coffee from room to room.

New Elevate Tote Bag

The success of our Elevate computer stand has inspired us to add some accessories

so first up is a custom tote bag for carrying your stand from home to office