Moving Mesdag

By admin on October 2, 2015 in Media Coverage

Panorama mesdag brought to life in moving mesdag video installation

Incredible new installation in Holland using curved HD monitors in a panorama. Wow!

From Design Boom
‘Moving Mesdag’ is an immersive video installation that turns painter hendrik willem mesdag’s celebrated panorama mesdag into a modern spectacle. the project is a unique collaboration between the hague, atelier menno otten, and samsung netherlands, with direction by conspiracysinc.
The piece is housed in a custom built dome, placed in front of the rijksmuseum in amsterdam, the netherlands. stemming from the ‘living paintings’ series by menno otten, the work uses state-of-the-art digital and cinematographic techniques to recreate and extend classic masterpieces.
Creation of ‘moving mesdag’ was highly intensive, with meticulous attention paid to every detail. digital painter richard raaphorst first turned original files received from panorama mesdag into computer-based paintings, set in six time and seasonal zones, ranging from snowy winter nights to bright summer days. colors were corrected by captcha! who took extreme care in perfecting the signature dutch quality of light.

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