Hiberform Geodome for Children’s Books Ireland

By admin on March 4, 2013 in Design show

Good news from our new brand – Hiberform. We have just delivered 12 Geodome HF06/3’s to CBI in Dublin for use in publicising their growing catalog of children’s books. The domes will be used at launches in several European cities over the next year culminating in a presentation at IMMA Dublin in November.

This new version HF06/3 uses equilateral triangles in white enabling unlimited constructions in 3D as well as wall panelling. Children attending each launch can draw on each panel before assembling into a dome after which stories can be told inside. The domes can also be used to carry the CBI corporate imagery as well as displaying the books around the perimeter of the roof.

Product or project launches are just one of the ways to use the Geodome and we are experimenting with various other sizes and materials all the time at the studio. This version velcro’s together making it very fast and simple to assemble and dis-assemble. Lots of uses too – after constructing a dome for example the panels can be unstuck and hung from the wall to create interesting, dynamic patterns. We will publish photos of the CBI launches across Europe as they happen. Stay tuned.

For more information take a look at our Hiberform web site www.hiberform.com