Geodesic Dome Structures

By admin on July 27, 2010 in Design show

Buckminster Fuller has always been highly influential for me in my design work. His principles for ecology, architecture and modular design have changed the course of design immensely. Designers of space stations, polar habitation, caravans and even the humble tent have all taken their inspiration from his numerous experiments in connectable, lightweight structures. Until recently I have generally disliked the aesthetic of Geodesic buildings and of course the problematic space usage within however one company I’ve researched recently is Zendome. These are beautifully executed structures available in numerous sizes and variations. I’d say these domes would look great in almost any environment. Again . . The Germans and their exquisite engineering!
Of course I’m a big sci-fi fan so they remind me of that great 70’s series ‘Space 1999’ and the fab space station and vehicle designs. Only attempt to open the Space 1999 web site if you are a real sci-fi geek!