Dodeca Chair

‘Dodeca’ Chair

This concept follows other research projects like the Dodeca seat and pod which examine ways in which primary solid forms can be used in various ways to provide seating structures for individuals or groups. We are always working with the concept of scale by taking forms or structures and seeing will they work at different sizes for various functions . For example the Dodeca 12 sided form in solid or framed format could work as a table or seat at smaller sizes but when blown up can work to sit into or possibly walk through at architectural scale. The Dodeca chair orients a 9 sided version of the form in a way that provides a seat and perfect backrest angle to sit into but also the perfect wrap around space in which to get separation from your surroundings. The chair becomes the cosy escape to settle into to read a book or take a phone call perhaps in a busy office where it can be difficult to do so. Five powder coated legs provide stability yet work with the lines of the form and the chair can be ordered with a variety of internal and external finishes including cushions and LED lighting.

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