AIM Acoustic Baffle

By admin on July 5, 2024 in Studio News

Here’s another of our problem solving acoustic baffles. The new recently launched AIM (Advanced Innovation in Manufacturing) Center in Sligo has several amazing spaces in their open plan offices however this presents several sound transmission problems which required some very specific solutions. One area we’ve just finished working on is a void between a ground floor meeting area and first floor workshop space. Voice sound was travelling from one to the other and disrupting meetings however the client didn’t want to close off the void completely as the natural light floods down to the ground floor from above so we devised a solution with a solid wood frame topped with clear acrylic and attached to an acoustic baffle grid below. This provides dual sound dampening with an NRC of 0.80 in the baffle but allows all the light to transfer down from above and we chose an ‘Aegean Blue’ colour to match perfectly with the blue wall colour and center branding. If you have a particular acoustic problem you need solving get in touch or have a look at our web site for more information

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