Client: Hiberform / 2011

Stars / Sculpture

Function: Sculptural Structure / Screen
Dimensions: HF11 Stars DIA 900mm
Materials: Polycarbonate, Polypropylene or coated Aluminium to order
Finishes/ Colours: See Hiberform web site or contact us for more information
Stars is a Geodesic structure which can be assembled in many units, twisting it’s way through an interior and giving a innovative focal point.
The structure could be used in foyers, retail environments, above staircases or any larger space. A cabling system is supplied to enable suspension in the best position. It is also available as a feature light – see below

Hiberform web site:

Stars / Light

Function: Pendant or Floor light

Dimensions: Diameter 900mm or to order

Materials: Polycarbonate or Polypropylene depending on colour chosen

Lamp: 1x 9W LED per unit

Stars is a Geodesic, modular pendant light made from multiple pieces of Polycarbonate connected together producing a fitting that can be assembled in large sizes. It’s modular nature makes it possible to extend it in any direction according to the shape and dimensions of the intended location. We provide thin steel cables for suspension from the ceiling or walls.
We can produce the fitting either in white with white or colour changing LED’s or in coloured polypropylene with white LED’s. A dramatic focal point for any interior