Frustum Grid

Client: Hiberform / 2010

We’re always experimenting with structures of various kinds which inspire new sculptures, furniture or lights. One from around 2010/11 is the Frustum series named after the technical name for this chopped off conical form. We produced several models in card and recycled polypropylene before making larger prototypes in thin plywood on the CNC. The larger sizes can be used to define spaces in interiors, perhaps over office meeting areas or hospitality spaces and can be produced in any RAL colour or natural Birch Plywood. These kinds of larger volume structures which are derived from flat sheets are of particular interest and can easily be shipped anywhere in the world. Versions can be designed to suspend from the ceiling, be mounted on the wall or stand on the floor with access openings to enter the structure

The last photo is a version we produced for the G showroom in Dublin for Innen Design