Screens & Acoustic Installations

Custom Projects

One furniture area which we have often explored is that of screens and acoustic treatments. Screens serve a specific function to section off spaces for more privacy or just focus the routes you would like people to take. We generally work on commercial spaces like offices however all of the designs shown here could be used in any internal environment. Recycled Acoustic felt panels can also be used to create sound dampening dividers in a range of colours

Our material of choice is Birch Plywood which is perfect for use in large panels and can be digitally cut with our CNC machine to create intricate designs. These panels can then be further jointed together, clear lacquered or sprayed in any RAL or BS colour of your choice. We use variety of fixing methods including standard cubicle fittings, sliding rails or custom steel or Aluminium rods to fix to ceilings, walls and floors.
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