Prism Wall Panelling

Wall Panelling & Screen

Prism 2011- 2013

Function: Wall Panelling & Screen

Dimensions: 3 Sizes available – See Hiberform web site for details

Price: Contact the studio for more information

Materials: Treated Cardboard or Polypropylene with Plastic fittings

Prism is a simple triangulated system of components which can be connected together with plastic fittings to form a freestanding screen, wall hanging or can be suspended from the ceiling. It can also be illuminated internally with LED’s as table or pendant lights. Floor versions with illumination can also become freestanding walls or screens
Prism can be used as a dividing or background element in office or retail environments or a decorative feature for domestic use. All versions can be illuminated

Design: Leo Scarff Copyright 2010/2013

For more information please see the Hiberform web site