Orbit Sculptural Pendant Light

Client: Failte Ireland / 2015

In February 2015 we completed a large sculptural pendant light for the new Failte Ireland showrooms on Suffolk Street in Dublin for MCA Associates. The 1700mm diameter spherical looping form in made from powder coated Aluminium plate with 6 polished stainless steel tubes penetrating this form with LED’s at the tips. These illuminate the curvaceous structure at various heights, providing a colourful focal point over the reception desk at the rear of the space.

To arrive at the finished product we produced a series of paper and card models testing different assembly methods before sending technical drawings to our waterjet cutter for precision production. We also carried out a test assembly to figure out the ‘jigsaw’ of parts before dis-assembly for powder coating in a warm yellow. The structure is suspended from a polished stainless steel rose disc via a series of 1mm stainless steel cables which pass through each layer

Many thanks to interior designer Magda Mickiewicz at MCA Associates for the commission and to Rocky Wall at Wink lighting for the recommendation.

Computer imagery by MCA Associates