Island 2015

Function: Sofa

Dimensions: HF25/1 Island Large

H700mm W1400mm D1026mm

HF25/2 Island Medium

H700mm W1130mm D1054mm

Seat Height: 400mm

Price: Contact studio for information

Materials: Various fabrics on polyurethane upholstery on Birch Plywood frame on steel legs

Island is a collection of sculptural, rounded sofas made of two layered elements – seat pad and backrest, one hovering over the other. Each element can be upholstered in different fabrics or colours and are connected by steel legs either in polished stainless or powder coated steel finish. We designed the backrests to be big enough to place a laptop on them so making the sofas great for breakout area use as well as foyers etc. Grouping the sofas together with the backrest pointing towards each other, they can be used as high seats possibly in conjunction with a high table.

Design: Leo Scarff Copyright 2015

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