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Interweave Sphere Veneer Light

Pendant Light

Interweave Sphere Veneer Light 1998
Function: Pendant light
Dimensions: To order – from 500mm to 900mm diameter

Price: Contact the studio for Information
Materials: Wood veneer, natural or coloured. Standard veneers: Maple, Limed Maple, Cherry, White Oak & Walnut
Lamp: 1x 12W LED Globe

In 1993 we began our journey exploring the possibilities of wood veneer for creating lights. After developing several products in the Lightweave series we launched a new product – the ‘Interweave-Sphere’ in 1998. Since then it has been a successful collection and we have produced numerous sizes, veneer types and colours and in turn led us to use Acrylic in later years.

Explorations in form also gave rise to variations such as the ‘Fluid-Sphere’ which connects multiple spheres together to form larger fittings with multiple light sources.

Some recent projects including this product were the multiple fittings for the Capa & Eaba Cafe in Dublin, several large fittings for the cafe at the Visual Arts centre in Carlow and an installation at the Irish World Heritage Centre in Manchester

We normally use a 12W LED globe bulb for this fitting. Other light sources to order