Grid Triangle


Grid 2022

Function: Screen

Dimensions: To commission. Size shown: H2400mm, W1750mm, D18mm

Materials: Natural lacquered Birch Plywood, Recycled PET felt, Steel

Since we began making Grid screens in 2010 we have offered a variety of pattern designs for our clients to choose from and we’re always looking for new patterns to incorporate into our book. The screens are simple and most importantly flat so as not to take up too much space. For more 3 dimensional screens have a look at our new ‘Wave’ screen. Grid ‘Triangle’ is another variation recently produced for the new offices of the Atlantic Technology University in Sligo where we created 8 large screens which use recycled PET felt inserts to give an acoustic baffle between staff desking areas and corridors. Light grey was chosen here for the felt however several other colours are available and can be mixed to align with whatever colour scheme is planned. Fittings come in either matt white, silver or black powder coating. Contact us today if you’d like more information