Geodesic Sphere

Client: Royal College of Surgeons Dublin / 2008

Client: Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin

Function: Sculptural Structure / Light
Dimensions: H1250mm DIA1100mm
Materials: Box section Steel internal framework, Fibreglass, Coloured resins
Finishes/ Colours: Yellow powder coating, Polished stainless steel base cylinder and light housing, Toughened glass
The college of surgeons on St.Stephen’s Green in Dublin commissioned us to create a sculptural piece for their foyer refurbishment in 2008. At the time we had been experimenting again with Diatom structures first researched back in 1993/4. We thought about the process of seeing these tiny structures requiring a microscope and the science behind it and decided it could be an interesting symbol of the work carried out at the college. A simple 12 parts structure was designed and produced in laser cut steel plate which was then carefully powder coated to a strong yellow colour. This then sat on a polished stainless steel base cylindrical base with a toughened glass top that housed a series of light fittings.