Computer Stand

Elevate 2020

Function: Computer stand

Dimensions (Erected): H373mm W520mm D385mm

Price: €139 Available from our online shop

The issues around long hours on computers has led to many of us having posture problems and strains in our necks, arms and shoulders. Standing for periods of time can vary the work position and increases blood flow. With this in mind we’ve designed a new computer stand which gives a range of height positions for monitors, laptops, keyboard and mouse.

The slotted, inclined center component acts as support for 2 sizes of panel which are very quick to move around according to whether the user is seated or standing and strong enough to hold large monitors. The flat pack and compact size of the stand also makes it easy to move around wherever you work. Elevate is beautifully finished with 3 coats of clear satin Acrylic lacquer