Easy Chair / Sofa / Chaise / Ottoman

Duo 2007 /2013
Function: Easy Chair
Dimensions: H750mm W650mm D1080mm

Price: Contact the Studio for Information
Materials: Any Camira fabric available on a solid Beech and Birch Plywood frame
Duo is a soft furniture concept based on two components in each piece which can be covered in different fabrics or colours. Available in single, double and triple seaters with ottoman and chaise. Duo can be grouped to form convex or concave formations and is perfect for office foyers or informal meeting areas. For example in 2013 Wayra, Dublin designed by Synnott Design featured 5 Duo easy chairs in graphite grey wool for an informal meeting / chill out area within the general office space. Check out the Hiberform web site for more information.

The product is also available in Sofa, Chaise and Ottoman versions. Contact us for more information

3D visuals shown both by Synnott Design